Tea Party=Nazism

“History always repeats itself” Ancient Proverb

I must agree that history always repeats itself but sometimes we can prevent it from happening but only if we are paying attention to the past and present. So let’s try an experiment of sorts if you will. Once, well not that long ago in our history in a not so far away land, a land was suffering from economic problems so a political party rises making claims that they have the solution. This so called political party makes the claim that Socialist and illegal immigrants are the problem and destroying the country. The charsmatic leader of this political regime with religious roots not only blames a nonexistent Socialist conspiracy for the problems his country faces but says their country must be brought back to God? Sounds like current America and The Tea Party doesn’t it? Well the party was the Nazis and the Christian charasmatiuc leader was none other than the ruthless evil dictactor Adolf Hitler. Now here in American have a country in the same turmoil of Nazi Germany of 1939 and we the political party, The Tea Party Republicans wanting to create a Christian theocracy and the Tea Party just like the Nazis blames immigrants and a nonexistent Socialist conspiracy for the current problems of the nation. The Nazi Party and The Tea Party are both right wing based but the simalarities don’t stop there. The Nazi Party, ran by Adolf Hitler, singled out the Jews and Socialist round them up only to kill them all later in concentration camps. The Tea Party wants to single out Democrats, nonwhites, and illegal immigrants perhaps for the same evil purpose. Adolf Hitler in fact was always demanding proof that all citizens proved they were Germans and now Donald Trump is demanding the same thing. In fact members of The Tea Party like the evil Sarah Palin said that the “illegals should be rounded up” and well Hitler said the same thing about the Jews. We know what happen back then. Is history bound to repeat itself once again? The Tea Party is a cultish dangerous organization that is nothing more than a revamped reimagined updated version of The Nazi Party of Hitler’s time. And we just stand around doing nothing ignoring the problem known as The Tea Party. Edmund Burke, an Irish orator, philosopher, & politician once said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” and in this case the evil is the Tea Party. If we do not do anything then The Tea Party could in fact recreate the events that lead to World War II if left unchecked. And no one wants that. Am I the only one that see The Tea Party Republicans have more in common with Nazis than anyone? I’m sure I’m not since the other day I was walking in the mall and I overheard two skinheads talking about how they were Tea Party Republicans because the political idealogy is that of Adolf Hitlers. The Nazi Party and The Tea Party both called any who opposed them “Socialist”. Hitler constantly talked about bringing Germany back to God and there’s no actual proof that Germany was ever a Christian nation. In fact there is some proof that ancient Germans were Druids. The Tea Party is the same way claiming that America is a Christian Nation that needs to return to God. Guess they’ve never heard The Treaty of Tripoli state that America is not a Christian Nation. Guess who wrote the Treaty? George Washington wrote the treaty. America was founded by deists and atheist. Like the Nazi Party, The Tea Party is racist against all nonwhites. The Nazis blamed the Jews for the economic crisis that in Nazi Germany of 1939-1945 and now the modern day Tea Party blames the nonwhites and Democrats for our current economic crisis. When it was George W Bush and his Republican Administration that passed the laws to deregulate making it possible for Bernie Madoff, Freddy Mac banks, Fannie Mae banks, and Wall Street to create the bubble that caused the economic crisis. Which I find interesting that George W. Bush is a supporter of the Tea Party when his grandfather Prescott Sheldon Bush owned a bank that funded Adolf Hitler during his reign.George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism. Why would the Nazi lover known as George W. Bush support the Tea Party? Because the Tea Party is connected to the Nazi Party and perhaps the rise of a new Nazi Party. In fact George W. Bush knowing this about his grandfather, in a press conference back in 2004 said his grandfather Prescott Sheldon Bush, the supporter of Hitler, was a hero. A Hero? Prescott funded an evil man so he’s not a hero. Like the old saying goes, “History always repeats itself” so in conclusion The Tea Party if it continues to gain power may bring a new era of Nazism not seen since 1945.


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